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The Latest in Non-Surgical Solutions Available from Houston Area Bariatric Surgeon

Houston Surgical Specialists is a multi-specialty practice, headed by an experienced surgeon with a track record of consistently excellent results. We strive to provide a global approach to the complex problem of morbid Obesity with a wide range of treatment plans, from medically supervised diets, nutrition and vitamin plans, to all of the proven effective surgical procedures.

*Now available is the revolutionary, non-surgical Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty.

overstitch bariatric stomach

Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG)

Dr. Marvin specializes in ESG, a new incisionless procedure that effectively reduces the storage capacity of a patient’s stomach.* ESG is technically not a surgery, because the patient is not cut open or left with any scars. In fact, patients experience little or no pain throughout the entire process.*

Patients are still placed under general anesthesia due to the length of the procedure, but most are able to return home the same day as the procedure and go back to work within a day or two.*

Latest News from Dr. Marvin

Catch up on our blog to find out fascinating things about the world of bariatric surgery.

  • Making the Case for Science-Based Weight Loss

    In the 1990s, a popular series of books and movies began with the humorous yet heartrending saga of the main character’s diary entries that day. The anguished pennings prominently featured being overweight and various attempts to diet. Each increasingly desperate failure was saturated with self-loathing…

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    What’s the Weight Loss Halo Effect and Why Does It Matter?

    Losing weight comes with many benefits. Most people already have a good understanding of how weight impacts important health markers such as cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure. As a person loses weight, they usually start to notice other benefits they hadn’t imagined like fitting…

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    How a Weight Loss Procedure Can Jumpstart Your New Year’s Resolution

    How many years have you promised yourself you’ll lose weight once and for all? New Year’s resolutions come and go but the weight never seems to stay off. It’s not your fault: the vicious cycle of weight loss and gain is nearly impossible to break on your own….

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Chanda headshot
Chanda Leigh Furlough-Combs*

In my brain, I was simply “full figured” and fabulous – but when I saw pictures of myself, I was mortified at what I REALLY looked like. Read More…

Heather C. headshot
Heather Crisman*

When I first meet with Dr. Marvin in October 2009 I was at a very low in my life weighing 220lbs. Read More…

Heather M. headshot
Heather Mallet*

Majority of my life I was thin.  As a teenager, I was a cheerleader, dancer, & a gymnast.  Read More…

Steroula headshot
Steroula Peristeris*

I had been fighting obesity for several years before seeking help for it. Read More…

Raymond headshot
Raymond Dumas*

I was 46 years old, 5’8, weighed 345 pounds, and I had hypertension, diabetes, and arthritis in both of my knees. Read More…

Scott headshot
Scott Coyle*

My whole life I’ve fluctuated with my weight and despite how much I lost, somehow I always ended up gaining back that weight plus more.  Read More…

Robyn headshot
Robyn Tollefsbol*

In life before surgery, I had absolutely no energy. I was a mom to two very active little ones and I had a high-energy job. Read More…

Lynda headshot

In May 2016, I decided to get the ReShape Procedure. Almost five months later, I can say it’s the best thing I have ever done for myself. Read More…

Debbie Kovich headshot
Debbie Kovich*

It has been one year since I had the Gastric Sleeve. Best choice to save my life. Within a couple of months my A1c was normal. Read More…

jesse profile photo
Jesse Lee*

I feel amazing now that I’m 70 lbs. down in less than 3 months! I have so much energy, no aches and pains. I’m able to do more things around the house, spend time with my kids, and even get some fishing in. Read More…

deedee helmers testimonial
DeeDee Helmers*

In the beginning I measured and counted my meals, but now… I’m much less hungry than before. Read More…

nancy berman testimonial
Nancy Berman*

Before the operation, Nancy weighed 177 pounds with a body mass index around 35. A year after the operation, she dropped down to 121 pounds. Read More…

yamilet perdomo testimonial
Yamilet Perdomo*

I can’t even begin to describe how much my life and overall health have changed for the better since my surgery. Read More…

* Results will vary by person and are based upon the patient, the surgery type and the compliance with the aftercare program. As with any medical procedure or surgery, there are specific risks and possible complications. The testimonials, statements, and opinions presented on our website are applicable to the individuals depicted. Results may not be representative of the experience of others. Testimonials are voluntarily provided and are not paid, nor were they provided with free products, services, or any benefits in exchange for said statements. The testimonials are representative of patient experience but the exact number of pounds lost and experience will be unique and individual to each patient.


Make an appointment with Dr. Marvin for diagnosis and treatment.