Debbie Kovich*

I am a patient of Dr Robert Marvin. It has been one year since I had the Gastric Sleeve. Best choice to save my life. Within a couple of months my A1c was normal , my blood pressure was normal and most importantly my cholesterol and triglycerides were in normal range. On the BMI scale I was Morbidly Obese and boy did I hate that term. Now I am three points from Normal as I am 6 ft tall. I had not been able to accomplish this for 20 years through dieting.

I love my post sleeve life. I never could have imagined this. I found the joyful happy woman I used to be. I have hope and optimism now that I thought I had lost forever. My worst day now is far better than my best day at my heaviest.

My heaviest was 323 pounds. My surgery weight the day I went in was 304. I am currently at 207. I wore a 26/28 clothing size and am now in a 14/16. I have loads of energy and I am so much stronger than before. I’ve had Rhuematoid Arthritis Disease for 25 yrs and losing an entire person has made getting around much easier. I can even climb flights of stairs now. I am genuinely a happier person and it shows.

I love protein so I don’t have any problems getting the daily requirements in. I was a sweet tea drinker ( mostly I drank so much sweet tea the caloric intake was a daily food amount ). Now I’m a water drinker. Before I needed ice cold and chewed on the ice. Now I’m a room temperature water drinker. My life has changed in so many areas that I could write a chapter book. But I won’t, I’ll leave you with a before and after picture.

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