The Pros and Cons of Traveling for a Weight Loss Procedure

Medical Tourism: Traveling for Weight Loss

The Pros and Cons of Traveling for a Weight Loss Procedure

Obesity and being overweight can have serious health consequences. While there are plenty of good reasons to drop the pounds, It’s easy to give up if one has been struggling with weight issues for most of their life without success.

Fortunately, medical tourism for specialized weight loss procedures is making a breakthrough. Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG) is just one of the latest bariatric weight loss solutions that does not involve incisions and is mostly painless.

There are a few qualified and highly-trained surgeons like Doctor Marvin who perform ESG. Many patients who want this non-surgical weight loss procedure may need to travel to Houston for treatment.

In this post, read about the advantages and disadvantages of traveling for a weight loss procedure.

Medical Tourism: The 5 Major Pros of Traveling for Weight Loss

  1. Expertise – It’s important to note that for relatively new solutions such as ESG, experts who specialize in these procedures should be sought out. The right doctor can better explain the process and what to expect. Specialists can also monitor and manage the specific needs of patients (e.g., recommend the right weight loss treatment), and minimize complications in the process.
  2. State of the art facilities – Leading doctors who specialize in certain medical treatments such as weight loss procedures are most likely to operate in facilities that boast of new and top quality equipment and staff who are backed up by years of experience and quality training.
  3. Value for the money – Most people will think that traveling expenses will only add to the total costs and therefore might not be worth the trip. What some patients fail to realize is that seeking a highly qualified specialist who’s not in the same area as they are is actually more cost effective than seeking multiple professionals or subjecting themselves to fad diets and treatments that do not have long term effects.
  4. Shorter recovery period – One of the many benefits of opting for a non-surgical procedure like ESG is its fast recovery time. Patients who might not have the luxury of having complete control over their time can arrange for a quick 5-day trip to Houston.
  5. Relax and enjoy in a different city – With a five-day scheduled trip, patients can achieve a lot and look forward to fun activities. The first two days will be dedicated to treatment (pre-op and actual procedure). On the third and fourth day, the patient can choose to relax or discover what the city has in store for tourists. On the fifth day, they can proceed with the final visit with the specialist and head home after.

The 2 Cons of Traveling for Weight Loss

  1. Traveling alone – Being in an entirely different city can be stressful for some patients, especially if there is no one available to accompany them. For those who are opting for weight loss surgery outside the country, taking a trip where one might not be familiar with the people, culture, and area doubles the risks involved. It’s good to note, however, that medical tourism has evolved in the recent years and allows anyone to check accredited hospitals before they agree to their treatment package.
  2. Health and safety risks – If the patient comes from a different state or city in the United States, a trip to Houston won’t be much of a health and safety threat. However, if a patient is traveling abroad for medical treatment, there might be hazards involved. Invasive procedures, for instance, need a longer period of time for recuperation, and going back home just days after treatment is not recommended.

Another factor that a patient should consider is safety. Is the treatment done by a highly-trained specialist in a medical facility with modern equipment? People undergoing treatment may be able to save on the total costs, but might also be risking their lives if they don’t research first before traveling abroad.

The Bottom Line

Medical tourism boasts of convenience and is highly attractive to patients who are seeking experts to help them get rid of their weight problems once and for all.

It’s a herculean feat trying to lose weight. But it’s even harder trying to keep it off. With weight loss procedures such as ESG, overweight individuals can now look forward to a healthier future.

Though there may be disadvantages to traveling to a different city to find a solution for their health issues, the pros actually outweigh them. For example, if a patient doesn’t have a traveling companion, he or she can hire a Certified Nurses Aid or a Registered Nurse.

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If you’ve been struggling with weight loss, we can help. Please contact Dr. Marvin’s office today to schedule a consultation. We’ll help you find the best weight loss solution.*

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