Vitamins and Minerals*

Vitamin and mineral problems can occur after weight loss surgery, but in general this issue is overestimated by the average patient. Patients who have precipitous weight loss after gastric bypass surgery, are down to or below their ideal body weight, or who have had mechanical complications related to the surgeries that could have resulted in malnutrition are far more likely to suffer vitamin and mineral deficiencies than average patients.

Since the LapBand operation does not change the intestinal anatomy the absorption of vitamins and minerals are not much affected. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are rare. We recommend LapBand patients only take a multivitamin such as VITABAND.

Gastric Bypass patients can develop deficiencies as a result of the change in the anatomy. These problems occur in a minority of patients. However, it is absolutely essential that patients be screened for these problems by routine blood tests periodically. We do this before each appointment, starting 3 months after surgery.

The standard laboratory blood tests we check on the patients are….

  • Blood count (CBC)
  • Electrolytes (SMA-7)
  • Ionized Calcium

Parathyroid Hormone Level (PTH)

  • Albumin
  • Pre-albumin
  • Total Protein
  • Iron

Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC)

  • Ferritin
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B1
  • Folate

* Results will vary by person and are based upon the patient, the surgery type and the compliance with the aftercare program. As with any medical procedure or surgery, there are specific risks and possible complications. The testimonials, statements, and opinions presented on our website are applicable to the individuals depicted. Results may not be representative of the experience of others. Testimonials are voluntarily provided and are not paid, nor were they provided with free products, services, or any benefits in exchange for said statements. The testimonials are representative of patient experience but the exact number of pounds lost and experience will be unique and individual to each patient.

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