Surgical Solutions May Solve Skin Sagging after Weight Loss

Surgical Solutions May Solve Sagging Skin after Weight Loss

Surgical Solutions May Solve Skin Sagging after Weight Loss

When someone experiences extreme weight loss, especially in a short amount of time, they usually expect to love their new body. What they may not expect, however, is to be left with noticeably loose, sagging skin.

Making the decision to lose a substantial amount of weight to take control of your health is a positive choice, but sometimes the aftermath can be disappointing. While some people can accept their new look, excess skin included, others want to take their transformation even further.

Skin sagging due to weight loss can be eliminated effectively using plastic surgery, but it’s important for patients to gain a good understanding of what to expect so they can determine whether or not it is the right decision for them.

Why Does Weight Loss Cause Skin Sagging?

Skin is an amazing organ with plenty of natural elasticity for stretching and contracting to its original state. This is why women can carry and bear children, and why children can grow to adulthood without shedding their skin to accommodate the growth. However, skin has its limits and loses elasticity over time. If skin is forced to stretch too far, it won’t be able to shrink all the way back down later. Skin also loses the ability to snap back as people age. Factors like too much sun exposure can also damage the skin’s elasticity.

Varying factors such as skin health, the age of an individual, and the amount of weight lost mean that everyone’s skin reacts differently to weight loss. Some people have skin that shrinks down without any sagging or excess as weight is lost, while others are left with excess skin sagging even after the weight is gone. People who are unhappy with any loose, sagging skin left over from extreme weight loss may be good candidates for plastic surgery that can remove it.

How Does Reconstructive Plastic Surgery for Weight Loss Help?

If a patient has experienced weight loss that resulted in unwanted loose and sagging skin, they should consult with a physician to see if reconstructive plastic surgery is a viable solution. It’s important to have realistic expectations as to what kind of results surgery can achieve.

The surgeon will cut away the extra skin and pull the remaining skin together to be secured. Surgery often results in scarring that may be noticeable, but the doctor can try to place the scars in natural creases of the body. This type of plastic surgery is more for cosmetic reasons rather than health reasons, but it can improve self-esteem, help people fit into their clothing better, and eliminate uncomfortable chafing or rashes.

Consult with Dr. Marvin Today about Plastic Surgery after Weight Loss

The best way to find out whether plastic surgery after weight loss is a good option is to consult with a professional like Dr. Marvin. Skin sagging after weight loss can be an embarrassing and frustrating problem to deal with, and plastic surgery may be a great solution to take control and get a comfortable, healthy outlook on life once more. The only way to know for sure is to ask, so contact Dr. Marvin today.

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