Patient Library

Literature Available For Download

The pdf’s listed below are free patient education materials provided by Dr. Marvin. They contain valuable information about their topics. Please feel free to download them.

Why it makes sense to provide treatment for obesity through Bariatric Surgery.

For people with arthritis, added weight increases joint pain.

Learn how osteoarthritis and obesity are connected.

How does excess weight affect your health?

Learn how obesity affects fertility.

Working with your insurance provider: a guide to seeking weight-loss surgery.

A handy chart that contains calorie and fat info for common foods.

Find out how obesity increases your risk for cancer.

Learn more about obesity and eating disorders.

Obesity can cause heart problems. Find out more.

Find out how obesity can affect your blood pressure.

Obesity can affect your cholesterol. Learn more.

Learn how your weight can affect your joints.

Is there a connection between obesity and strokes?

Learn what the connection is between obesity and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Sleep Apnea and the obese patient.

Learn more about obesity.

Find out more about options for weight loss.

Learn about the connection between gaining weight and joint pain.

Learn about how your weight can affect your bones.

Learn more about your diet after surgery.

Learn about the new nutrition facts label.

Get answers to questions asked frequently after weight loss surgery.

Find a support group in person or online.

Find a fitness and nutrition expert in the greater Houston area.

Make an appointment with Dr. Marvin for diagnosis and treatment.