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My whole life I’ve fluctuated with my weight and despite how much I lost, somehow I always ended up gaining back that weight plus more. Before my surgery with Dr. Marvin, I wasn’t active and I felt like I never had any energy. I was in so much pain that I never wanted to do anything. I also had sleep apnea, which was miserable because I couldn’t breathe and I was snoring at night.

In 2010 I had a perforated colon and had to have major surgery. Afterwards, I was in the ICU and had to wear a colostomy bag for nine months. My doctor wanted me to lose 100 pounds before I could have the surgery reversed. I lost that 100 pounds but then gained that weight back plus 50 more pounds. Throughout my life, I’ve tried every diet pill and nothing has ever worked for me.

When I realized I weighed 419 pounds, I decided I had to do something to change my life. I heard about Dr. Marvin from my sister who works in the office and from the first time I met him I knew he was an excellent doctor. He made me feel comfortable before the surgery by explaining every detail and going through the sleeve procedure step by step. Afterwards, he was there during my recovery to make sure that the surgery was successful. Overall, it really was a great experience!

My surgery was done on a Thursday morning and I was back to work that Saturday. I felt a little soreness almost as if I had done 100 sit-ups the day before, but really wasn’t in any pain. Everyone has different pain tolerances, but I didn’t even need to take any of the pain medicine that was prescribed to me.

Since the surgery my life has completely changed. I’m more cautious of what I eat and I go to the gym every morning. I now have more energy throughout the day to do yard work, golf and walk around the mall. I would recommend this surgery to any one who is 100-200 or more pounds overweight and has been struggling to lose it. I no longer have to take my blood pressure medicine and my wife is happy because I no longer snore at night. Over the last year I have lost 160 pounds and successfully kept it off, that has always been my goal.

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