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Nancy Berman patient testimonial

Nancy Berman


Back in the game

As an avid Pickball player, North Carolinian Nancy Berman knows a thing or two about teamwork. Unfortunately, Nancy’s love of the sport met its match when faced with the challenge of her weight loss struggle. Never one to give up, she committed to finding a solution with the help of Dr. Marvin and sought to consult his expertise in Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty. After a consultation, Nancy knew she could trust Dr. Marvin and his dedicated team to get the job done.

Before the operation, Nancy weighed 177 pounds with a body mass index around 35. A year after the operation, she dropped down to 121 pounds resulting in a total loss of 56 pounds combined with an 11 point drop in her BMI. Thanks to the teamwork of Dr. Marvin and his staff, Nancy found support and guidance every step of the way. Such success has given Nancy the boost of energy she needed to continue enjoying her long walks and Pickleball games with friends.

nancy burman before and after

By the numbers

Initial Weight: 177 lbs.

Initial BMI: 34.6

Current Weight: 121 lbs.

Current BMI: 23.6


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