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Houston Surgical Specialists – Dr. Marvin’s medical practice – is a single surgeon, multidisciplinary medical clinic that provides comprehensive care for patients with medically significant obesity. From the start, Dr. Marvin has offered, and continues to offer, a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments tailored to the individual needs of the patient. Combining highly developed skills in 15 years in laparoscopic surgery and his work in surgical critical care, the foundation was created for a successful Bariatric Surgical Practice.

Dr. Marvin has taken care of thousands of patients since 2002, and has developed a vast experience with Gastric Bypass, the Adjustable Gastric Band, and the Gastric Sleeve. In 2007, he was one of the first surgeons offering the gastric sleeve in Houston. Offering the latest in Endoscopic and Laparoscopic techniques with multidisciplinary procedures, Dr. Marvin achieves outcomes of pain reduction and decreased recovery time.

Dr. Marvin is fortunate to have the experienced and competent support staff of Houston Surgical Specialists. Our Bariatric Coordinator has many years of experience helping patients to manage the requirements of their insurance, to obtain authorization, so they can have the most effective treatment. The clinic staff are helpful and knowledgeable in making the patients experience as efficient and safe as possible, whether it is gathering test results for the Doctor, educating the patient on the process, or answering questions about a post-operative concern. The Clinic has brought together all the resources necessary to ready the patient for surgery; from a registered dietician to a non-invasive cardiac evaluation. This global health focus ensures complete patient care for the best possible outcomes.

Dr. Marvin and his staff look forward to providing the latest treatments for patients suffering from Morbid Obesity for many years to come. Houston Surgical Specialists is currently seeking to expand care beyond the surgical option. New developments in pharmacotherapy and less invasive procedures such as the Gastric Balloon, and, potentially, endoscopic bariatric procedures mean that these options will contribute significantly to the global care of Obesity. Dr. Marvin and Houston Surgical Specialists plan to be on the cutting edge, to provide the latest care for our patients.

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