5 Starter Exercises for People Battling Obesity

Exercises for people battling obesity

5 Starter Exercises for People Battling Obesity

Watching videos online or television shows about weight loss can be totally inspiring. However, they can also put a lot of pressure on an overweight or obese person to engage in activities they’re not ready for, simply to lose weight faster.

There is no way a person who has been sedentary, or who has health issues, or who is simply carrying extra weight, can jump into a hardcore exercise routine. They can try, but the result will most likely be injury or discouragement.

Exercise is very important, though. It’s one of the best ways to lose weight and reduce the high obesity rate of this country. Therefore, it’s vital for anyone who is obese or overweight to start an exercise routine. The key is to start out slowly and with the right exercises.

5 Exercises for People with Obesity: Starting Out Slowly and Safely

For people struggling with obesity, slowly transitioning into a regular workout routine is very important.

Here are five exercises that can help a person through their transition. These are the exercises that are going to promote weight loss and physical endurance.

1. Lifting Weights

A common misconception is that cardio alone is what will help a person lose weight. While cardio is definitely important, weight training is vital as well.

Weight training boosts the metabolism, helping a person burn more calories than with cardio alone. And this type of workout allows for “after-burn,” where the body continues to burn calories even after the workout.

This type of workout also helps strengthen the muscles and tendons so that the body is better able to perform cardio exercises without injury.

A note to those dealing with obesity: the scale may not budge right away. Rest assured – fat loss is still happening. But the body is building muscle, which weights more than fat. It will be easy to tell that a person is progressively losing weight even if the scale doesn’t say so. Their body will get more toned with each workout.

Weight training should be done at least three times each week for approximately thirty minutes. This may not be possible to do at first. That’s OK – start with five minutes twice a day. Then, work up to 10 minutes and so on until the goal of three times a week for 30 minutes is met.

2. Swimming

Swimming and other water exercises are a great way to ease into exercise. Water makes the body feel lighter, allowing the person to burn calories without straining their joints and bones.

3. Walking

This is probably the most popular form of exercise for anyone starting out. It’s free, there’s no equipment involved, and it’s not that difficult. Many people start out walking down the block. With time, they work up to longer walks, running, and even partaking in marathons. But it all started with a stroll down the street.

4. Cycling

Getting on a bike is another low impact form of exercise that’s great for beginners. It doesn’t matter if it’s a stationary bike or a road bike, this is a wonderful way to enjoy exercising.

5. Stretching

Stretching is extremely important to reduce the soreness of newly worked muscles. Plus, it’s a great way to prevent injuries. Stretching can be difficult at first since the muscles are extremely tight. Again, it’s important to slowly and gently work up to the goal. Eventually, the muscles will start stretching and it will be a thoroughly enjoyable part of any workout.

Battling Obesity with Exercise – Balance Is Needed

It can be easy to jump on the weight loss bandwagon with abandon. The problem with this is that it causes people to make some unhealthy choices. They go on unhealthy crash diets, or they try to do a hardcore workout routine that their body simply isn’t ready for yet.

Balance is needed to win the battle over obesity. Exercise is one of the foremost weapons in the arsenal of weight loss. However, just like a soldier going into battle needs to go through basic training, so too does anyone who wants to lose weight.

Part of their basic training will be gently transitioning into a regular exercise routine. Taking daily steps toward achieving this, and slowly building the body up so that it’s eventually ready for a more hardcore routine, is the best way to go about accomplishing weight loss goals.

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