Recap of KHOU Great Day Houston Hosted by Deborah Duncan

Recap of KHOU Great Day Houston Hosted by Deborah Duncan

I had a blast on KHOU’s Great Day Houston hosted by Deborah Duncan for a segment of Medical Monday. I was joined by Dr. Raza Pasha (Otolaryngology), Dr.Melissa O’Toole (Radiologist) and Dr. De Ramus (Chiropracter).

We had a great audience turn out and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to connect with other medical professionals while also reaching out to home viewers.

During our roundtable discussion, Deborah brought up the topic of cell phones and how addicted we are in today’s society. I spoke up about the tough balance we face as doctors since we need to be available for our patients 24/7 and usually aren’t able to unplug from our devices. I think we can all agree that it’s healthy to put away the cell phones and try to disconnect every now and then.

During my segment, I spoke with Deborah about the new ReShape Gastric Balloon procedure. I explained why this is a great weight loss procedure option since it’s non-surgical and doesn’t carry the risks or complications that surgery does. To qualify to be a candidate, the BMI needs to be around 30-42. This procedure is ideal for people wanting to lose 40 pounds or even 100 and more.

I was excited to be joined by a previous patient, Robyn who also happens to work in my office as the Bariatric Case Manager and Office Director. Robyn came out to reveal how much weight she had lost after her surgery and the shocked reaction of the audience was an indication of just how phenomenal her transformation really is! She is a prime example of a weight loss candidate who has successfully kept the weight off and continues to work hard to keep herself on track by eating healthily and maintaining an active lifestyle. She really proves to others at home that weight loss surgery is not the easy way out. She has been consistently working hard since her surgery in

The show was over before I knew it but I had an amazing experience and would happily visit Great Day Houston for another Medical Monday segment in the future.

Thank you for all those who watched me on channel KHOU. If you missed out, you can watch the video clips below:

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